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1985/ 3.2 Carrera

Stock top end overhaul, Mild port work included w/stock overhaul, Farmers Automotive cams and chips, Stock exhaust w/side pipe. ( 262 H.P. 233 lbs. of torque )
Farmers Automotive

1973/ 2.4 CIS injection 911T

Major overhaul, Polished ported, and flow-benched heads, 2.7S intake system, 2.7S cams, SSI exhaust Bursh muffler. ( 165 H.P. 153 lbs. of torque )

Farmer Automotive

1976/ 3.0 Turbo

Stock motor overhaul, Mild head work, 0.9 bar turbo boost. ( 312 H.P. 305 lbs. of torque )
Farmers Automotive

1986/ 3.2 Carrera, converted to 3.4 in 1992

Top end overhaul, Ported, polished, and flow-benched heads, Farmers Automotive cams and chip, Stock exhaust with side pipe. ( 285 H.P. 266 lbs. of torque )

Framer Automotive

More Dyno's To Be Posted, Including our new Carb. Application Coming Soon for all 911's